ABAP Playground
Please register to get access to an ABAP trial system.
Please note: you need a SAP GUI that can be downloaded from the SAP trial page.
This website is a private hobby originate from ABAP courses at university to provide students access to ABAP.
There is no comercial purpose whatsoever. However, any donations for paying the cloud providers bills are welcome.
Users are expected to accept SAP license for trial usage. You need to register at the sap trial download page
For more details please check at the abap forum at http://form.abap.academy
in order to abtain a SAP GUI (either Windows version or Java GUI). It is hard - some say impossible - to fell in love
with ABAP immedeatly. But it surely is worth investigating into some the most powerful software frameworks.
In case you want to run your own dedicated ABAP system for your user please contact us.
We can also help you to bring your exisiting ABAP system to AWS, CGP, Azzure etc.
We have 20+ years of ABAP expericense and can provide ABAP education as well as SAP Basis and Database consulting.

For any requests contact us at admin@abap.academy.